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buy Powder Metallurgy Gear Gear-box Or Non-standard Gear Or Involve Gear
Product Description
Powder metallurgy 17-teeth planetary gear.
The pinion gear may also be a gearbox gear, which is made of alloy powder, with a hardness of 30-35HRC and a density of 6.8g/cc.

Technical Parameter
1. Gear No.:17
2. Mould:1
3. Pressure angle:20°
4. Outside diameter:φ19-0.043
5. Root diameter:φ14.5-0.07
6. Cross teeth:2
7. Base tangent length:4.666-0.04
8. Weight:6.7g
9. Density:>6.8g/cm³
10. Heat treatment hardness: 30-35HRC

Process Flow
1.Mixing→2.Pressing→3.Sintering→4.Heat treatment→5.Polishing→6.Oil pregnation→7.packaging.

Material Control sheet
Material Control sheet
Material  DeslgnationType  of MaterialChemical Composition(%)
1. What the product certification does your factory have?
A: We have CE and TS16949-2009.
2. Which sea port does your factory near for?
A: We near Shanghai port, Ningbo port.
3. Which type of the products that your company mainly produce?
A: We main produce iron powder metallurgy products, which are mainly used in automobile, motorcycle, sewing machine, electric garden tools, etc. Auto parts are mainly used for engine distribution system, chassis steering system and automatic adjustment arm accessories. Among them, the automatic adjustment arm accessories are our main accessories, which occupy our sales amount more than 60%, and provide powder metallurgy accessories to 70% of the automatic adjustment arm manufacturers in China.
4. What about your company's regional or market influence?
A: We are the largest manufacturer of powder metallurgy products in taizhou city. We provide accessories for 70% of China's automatic adjustment arm manufacturers, which are of great importance in the field of automatic adjustment arm.
5. Which material standard your company according with to production?
A: We can manufacture products according to MPIF standard 35, JIS Z 2550-1983, and we can also produce according to DIN 30910 standard.
6. Do you have own machining workshop?
A: Yes, we have 40 sets CNC lathes and 15 drilling and milling machines. We can meet all the machining operations of our Powder Metallurgy Gear Gear-box Or Non-standard Gear Or Involve Gear

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